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Olympus Directrec DR-1200 Dictation Kit

The Olympus DR-1200 Dictation Kit is a digital dictation device which is connected to the PC via USB and comes with DSS Player V6 software.

Unlike conventional recorders, the Olympus DR-1200 comes with a USB connector that allows you to plug it directly into your PC's USB port and use it as a USB microphone.

It's the ideal choice for desktop dictation.

With the Olympus DR-1200 you can assign specific functions to two dedicated buttons. Assigning frequently used functions lets you access them more quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

The stylish, easy to use slim line design combines a series of innovative features which ensure ease of use for both left and right handed users as well as the visually impaired.

Price: $355.00

Features and Benefits of the Olympus Directrec DR-1200

  • USB direct device
  • Symmetrical design giving optimum use for both left
    and right handed users
  • Pointing device for PC navigation
  • Optional audible command beeps to confirm actions
  • Highly sensitive microphone enables flexible recording
    in a range of settings.
  • Two programmable buttons via DSS software.
  • Loud speaker with no obstruction to audio output
    ensuring crystal clear playback